Reflective to group presentation


Within the subject of e-marketing, we have done a group work to analyze and study one of the difficult projects. We have divided into small groups. We have chosen to study and analyze Nola Boutique. Then divide the work between us. This report has covered entire aspect of digital marking and give clear overview. For what we have learned and what the solution that will be to tackle with this issue.
First of all, working on group is considered to be the important element of modern study in the university is to train students to work together and cooperate in solving problems and reach an agreed upon opinion. Therefore, there are students of different cultures and differentiates, which makes the unification of the intellectual effort and cultural exchange in result perhaps fascinating.
After that, we held a small meeting and we have divided the research between the group members that, each of the group have responsibility of some aspect of the presentation. In addition to this, the group came up with some analysis that have had created whatsApp group to communicate for presentation aspects.   
Second of all, time management, we had four meeting during the first the month from what we have given the task of presentation. Unfortunately, there was one of our group member have left. Then we had to arrange the schedule by dividing the work that had to be done by him between three of us despite of the more pressure from others models we have achieved, and we have completed before the deadline of presentation.

Thirdly, we had a meeting to practice on the day of the presentation that provided us more confidence.  Although there were some power point slides has been removed accidently that was cause some hesitation on my presentation because of that tutor was advise us to submit again. 


Finally, this group cooperated from the time where we have given the task, and we have been dealing with respect that was helping us to obtain the skills and experience from the ideas where we have learned for putting the effort to make successful presentation.


To conclude, this pentation has covered the entire aspects of the model and what we had learned. And we have developed our skills by using this knowledge to achieve better performance that reflect what we have learned. Also, that include time management, managing the group, communication between the member of the group and demonstrating the work.   





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