Student Work Compilations

The compilations below give a good sense of what 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students create in response to their chosen pathway and the course work. We have selected examples of sound design for the moving image,  experimental composition,  sound art and innovative sound & new media productions.

The compilations demonstrate the learning journey of our students. In Year 1, you can listen to  experimentations with field recording and environmental sounds, composition and synthesis techniques that are often applied in the creative industries across a variety of contexts including sound design and scoring for film, theatre and tv, radio and music production. In Year 2, the students further develop these skills and begin to create a unique and specialised pathway through sound, film, photography and interactive technologies. In Year 3, we can experience how these investigations are further developed to a high standard, leading to the final degree show.

Selected Final Year Degree Pieces
Selected Second Year Pieces
Selected First Year Pieces
Degree Show Compilation
Student & Alumni Music Compilation