Wellbeing in the Curriculum in the News!

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Zoe Swan, Senior Lecturer in Law has won the Brighton Student Union Innovative Teacher Award 2019 for her work on introducing wellbeing into the curriculum. You can listen to Zoe’s podcast on Anchor.fm and read a full transcript of Zoe’s podcast here. Zoe says:

“It’s about us surely recognising that [students] have a heavy workload and what can we do to support them with that. I think my mission is actually understanding how I can incorporate that in the curriculum, which I’ve started to do. I’ve incorporated some wellbeing and resilience work into the first year. That’s kind of taken the shape of two lecture sessions where the students have had some actual taught content on understanding what resilience is. So really unpicking what that word is. What does it mean to them? What does it mean to them in the context of studying law? And also their wellbeing, the environment that they’re studying in, how it makes them feel. The volume of work – what kind of skills they need to have to be able to respond to those pressures and demands in terms of work-life balance.”

She also talks about the benefits of yoga, healthy diet, meditation and breathing exercises for students – perhaps the next steps would be to get these into the curriculum 🙂 In the meantime, interest is growing in Zoe’s approach with an article appearing in The Times – it’s behind a pay firewall, but here’s the University of Brighton report on the article about Zoe in The Times.


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