On the 20th I began researching memphis studios and their iconic, repetitive, bacteria-looking patterns. I love these because they can be any colour I choose and look very unusual. They will definitely fit the contrasting, colourful and mis-matched theme to my fanzine. I also experimented with gradients on photoshop.
bg yellow purple bg orange bluebg white blackbg orange purple yellow outlinebg orange blackbg green black bg black whiteUntitled-2-Recovered6Untitled-3Untitled-2bg yellow blue 2Untitled-2-Recovered
The clothing brand Lazy Oaf uses memphis patterns as a source of inspiration for their clothes, including a cropped sweater I own photographed below.
I thought this clutch bag could make an interesting background when photographed up close. The bag is pale pink so I edited it in photoshop to vary the colour.
I really liked the images I used when creating digital collages so have taken more which I think I will take further and use in my fanzine, perhaps with emojis layered on top.

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