Campaign research

2017 Gucci meme campaign

Spring/Summer 2016 campaign was a brand new start that brings Gucci from the oblivion back to the fashion “runway”.Certainly, we could easily find Gucci on magazine, social media, and  street style fashion. Since it was not possible to continue with the same visual promotion such as posting a lookbook and photoshoot on social media and collaborating with a well known photographers, Gucci started a new strategy, which is more accessible and catchy.  First of all, due to the high density of appearance (mainstream), Gucci turns the unexpected disadvantage into meme style by using the brand photoshoots and digital collages with a description as a taunt and sarcasm. Consequently, the public enjoy it by that the brand could show the new collection and manifesto.Second, collaborate with young artists that had a reputation with their own works, especially John Yuyi with impermanent tattoos .










Global Color

In Spring  Summer 2019, there will be a tendency to accessible fashion. Color palate must be highly afford the demand from mass consumer. Thus, neutral shades is the right answer to serve any require such as imperfect body shape, easy to mix and match, etc. At the same time the color must provoke the spring and summer context. It is a time to forget about the color of the blue sky and ocean, the pink ice cream scoop and the green coconut leaves, we should fine new notion for summer colors. The color should adopt more symbolic meaning with the new focus on ‘nude’ influences.



Global Material 2019

2017 is going to be a year of collaboration of high-en, trendy Fashion brand with sport brand: CDG x nike,  Supreme x The North Face, etc. Therefore, I believe that in 2019 most of fashion design brand will get used to making their own active wear. Expect to see softer and more sensually tactile products emerge, enhanced with the distinctive range of lusters plus an essential aspect of comfortand heavenly touch coming through. The focus on function ranges from UV protection, quick dry, moisture management and cooling technologies to compliment trans seasonal performance. High tenacity continues to encourage a new generation of very tough fabrics and trims that have a soft and sensual approach, while the natural and synthetic sectors continue on their course of hybridization.


  • High tenacity yarns
  • Graphite-inspired strength – 200 time finer than a human hair
  • Textured reflectivity – update the traditional at surfaces and look to texture
  • Natural, manmade and synthetics fibers all feature as blending partners
  • Classics including gabardine and twill are updated in lighter weights with hightenacity yarns for enduring products
  • Featherweight rip stops – super light and consider moire and coloredmembranes for finish
  • Tough membranes and coatings – for shell-like protection
  • Glassy aspects through cooling technology
  • Multi functional yarns and finishes for added performance
  • Yarn and finishes cooling technologies
  • A renewed look at lightweight plastic trims and accessories with superstrength through new ingredients in the molded structure – settable siliconeand new super strength polymers
  • Polyamide waterproof


  • Offering high level convenience
  • Anti-rip, anti-snag, anti-slip and cut resistants single jersey
  • Lightweight spring summer insulation – recycled synthetics plus added ingredients for enhanced wellbeing
  • Bio synthetic insulation for summer delivery in hybrid blends with recycled polyester
  • Lighter weight performance fabrics that enhance the pursuance of a sport as well as offering high level protection
  • High power compression fabrics for base layers and anatomical support
  • Nylon/polyamide warp knits with integrated compression zones, selvedge finishes, clean cut function
  • 360° stretch wovens with high tenacity for fit, performance and greater flexibility in movement
  • Zippers with a light but tough appearance


  • Temperate zone
  • Out/indoor












wabi sabi

Macro trend 3

Wabi sabi was born in Japan and being spread around the world in the late 1900s. Characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes. People believe that perfection is a key to achieve a better place. However, natural beauty of life enhanced by a slight degree of asymmetry and imperfection. Furthermore, with the rapid development and changing of the world including economy, environment and life style, our planet circumstance will be lead to mechanization, indolence and non-nature. Thus, Wabi Sabi would be the top solution for the public balance our life in the near future.

Online Website

Comme Des Garçons
  • The design is catchy, avant-garde, conceptual.
  • An artistic online zine
  • Lack of interaction with user, unclear navigation
  • Not a website for online trading (with 5 pages of logo,photos and collapses)
  • Postmodernism: it is but it is not (it is brand online website but it is not)
  • Crucial Business Information
  • Mobile ready vision
  • Logo included

  • Simple and convenience, highly interacted, clear navigation
  • Enough brand’s information and sources
  • Include MM6 (subbrand)
  • Same lay-out of menu bar through each page
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile ready vision
  • Online trading website
  • Logo included
  • Minimalism


Craig Green
  • Simple and convenience, highly interacted, clear navigation
  • Enough brand’s information and sources
  • Same lay-out of menu bar through each page
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile ready vision
  • Online trading website
  • Stockists and logo included
  • Minimalism

Vicktor and Rolf
  • Simple and convenience, highly interacted, clear navigation
  • Enough brand’s information and sources
  • Same lay-out of menu bar through each page
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile ready vision
  • Online trading website
  • Logo included
  • Fashion artist
  • Concept store


Macro trend 2

Whitewash has since narrowed to the slightly more specific sense of ‘deliberately attempting to conceal unpleasant or incriminating facts about (a person of organization)’, as Oxford Dictionaries define it. But the term has also inspired many ‘colourful’ variations. Most notable is greenwash. First attested in the 1980s, companies are guilty of greenwashing when they misleadingly present an environmentally responsible image (‘green’). Yet more recently, cancer activists have decried so-called pinkwashing, which is when companies market goods and services that support women’s health causes, especially breast cancer. Here, pink alludes to the pink ribbon, the symbol of breast cancer awareness.


Macro trend 1

(adj) US informal alert to injustice in society, especially racism.

Like many words and phrases that capture a particular (political) zeitgeist, woke and stay woke have a meaning that is ever evolving and changing. Unfortunately for woke, its political meaning appears to have been removed in at least some contexts. Today, a search on Twitter reveals ‘stay woke’ being used in some tweets with its pro-black political meaning, but also being used in non-political, comical tweets. Because of the existence of this word has been forgotten since people removed it to avoid racism,

Racism was removed successfully at this time, thereby I believe in 2019 there will be no more discrimination between people. So Woke is the name for the trend with the hope that the future world with the balance.