Trend to photoshoot

“Transhumanism” and “nude-wash” are two potential macro trends, which influence the world in numerous departments including social science-humanity and fashion. “Transhumanism” is a notion about human biology and technological progress that originally is a science fiction subject. Through out the process, people devise a great deal of …. that could support and upgrade human life’s quality. Not only wearable technologies such as Apple watches, Xbox VR, but also electronic prosthesis. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal combination between technology and fashion that no one have done it successfully. “Nude wash” is a word, which is a protection and representation for “changing the appearance society” such as transgender, addicted to surgery, etc. In the late 5 years, transgenderation and plastic surgery have been popular, accepted and sympathized by the public, but not in a wide area. The trend is the first step that supports human exploring themselves by experiencing with new look.

The idea of the shoot for Spring/Summer 19 look book of Comme des Garçons reflects the future context, which is active wear and deformity art. But at the same time, it still has an elegant look through a camera vision, poses and background. Additionally, the concept of the shoot tend to be artistic that beyond fashion. The aim of the brand and trend were achieved by all the element of subjective and objective factors. First of all, the avant-garde and abnormal poses enhance the mother brand’s manifesto and the trends’ contents. It reflects how multi-functional and modifiable the garments are. Then with the new sub brand’s tendency is more about neutral-light colors, new photo editing is needed that is no longer similar to CDG old Black. Nonetheless, garments and materials that support the model evoke the trend in Spring/Summer 19 even more.




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