Campaign research

2017 Gucci meme campaign

Spring/Summer 2016 campaign was a brand new start that brings Gucci from the oblivion back to the fashion “runway”.Certainly, we could easily find Gucci on magazine, social media, and  street style fashion. Since it was not possible to continue with the same visual promotion such as posting a lookbook and photoshoot on social media and collaborating with a well known photographers, Gucci started a new strategy, which is more accessible and catchy.  First of all, due to the high density of appearance (mainstream), Gucci turns the unexpected disadvantage into meme style by using the brand photoshoots and digital collages with a description as a taunt and sarcasm. Consequently, the public enjoy it by that the brand could show the new collection and manifesto.Second, collaborate with young artists that had a reputation with their own works, especially John Yuyi with impermanent tattoos .









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