Global Material 2019

2017 is going to be a year of collaboration of high-en, trendy Fashion brand with sport brand: CDG x nike,  Supreme x The North Face, etc. Therefore, I believe that in 2019 most of fashion design brand will get used to making their own active wear. Expect to see softer and more sensually tactile products emerge, enhanced with the distinctive range of lusters plus an essential aspect of comfortand heavenly touch coming through. The focus on function ranges from UV protection, quick dry, moisture management and cooling technologies to compliment trans seasonal performance. High tenacity continues to encourage a new generation of very tough fabrics and trims that have a soft and sensual approach, while the natural and synthetic sectors continue on their course of hybridization.


  • High tenacity yarns
  • Graphite-inspired strength – 200 time finer than a human hair
  • Textured reflectivity – update the traditional at surfaces and look to texture
  • Natural, manmade and synthetics fibers all feature as blending partners
  • Classics including gabardine and twill are updated in lighter weights with hightenacity yarns for enduring products
  • Featherweight rip stops – super light and consider moire and coloredmembranes for finish
  • Tough membranes and coatings – for shell-like protection
  • Glassy aspects through cooling technology
  • Multi functional yarns and finishes for added performance
  • Yarn and finishes cooling technologies
  • A renewed look at lightweight plastic trims and accessories with superstrength through new ingredients in the molded structure – settable siliconeand new super strength polymers
  • Polyamide waterproof


  • Offering high level convenience
  • Anti-rip, anti-snag, anti-slip and cut resistants single jersey
  • Lightweight spring summer insulation – recycled synthetics plus added ingredients for enhanced wellbeing
  • Bio synthetic insulation for summer delivery in hybrid blends with recycled polyester
  • Lighter weight performance fabrics that enhance the pursuance of a sport as well as offering high level protection
  • High power compression fabrics for base layers and anatomical support
  • Nylon/polyamide warp knits with integrated compression zones, selvedge finishes, clean cut function
  • 360° stretch wovens with high tenacity for fit, performance and greater flexibility in movement
  • Zippers with a light but tough appearance


  • Temperate zone
  • Out/indoor



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