We have listened to the feedback you have given us and these are the changes we have made:

  • A need to revise SS427 and SS425 to make them more engaging [Actioned: these modules have now been refreshed]
  • Complaints about the ‘tedious’/’boring’ nature of SS523 [Actioned: this module has been withdrawn]
  • The seemingly repetitive nature of some of the issues explored at different levels [Actioned: the programme has been thoroughly reviewed and amended to avoid any repetition]
  • A desire to look at wider global issues earlier in the course to inform dissertation topic choice [Actioned: SS566 is now in level 5]
  • A desire for more choice of topics [Actioned: two new modules have been added to level 6 and three new module included in level 5]
  • A desire to avoid assessment bunching in semester two in light of the dissertation [Actioned: we have developed long thin modules to facilitate this]
  • A desire for more guidance with assessments [Actioned: we were already working on this but this review has enabled us to include formative assignments to further develop this aspect]
  • Low contact hours [Actioned: contact hours have been increased, especially in level 4]
  • ┬áMore module resources [On-going action: we continue to work closely with our colleagues in Information Services to ensure we address this]

The link below will take you to the course outline as well as provide you with a more detailed understanding of the individual modules on your course

BA (Hons) Criminology for students-27ckcd1


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