Create a new blog/website

Choose which kind of blog/website you want to set up:

  • a student blog/website as part of an assignment/coursework (eg your tutor has asked you to create a blog/webpage) Click here to get started.

  • a staff blog/website to promote your research or course – please contact Beth Leese, in Marketing and Communications for advice first.

  • a personal blog/website (Please note, this is an unsupported option. Find all materials on how to use WordPress in the Edublogs User Guide Below)
    Click here to get started.

The topic and content of sites you create should be in accordance with the university’s Social Media Policy.

Academics: If you plan on using blogs as a part of a student assessment, please see our guidance page here: Assessment Guidance when utilising blogs

Please read the Edublogs User Guide for further instruction on how to use WordPress. It covers pretty much everything you’ll need to know to get started.