Visit to Debrecen University in Hungary to meet our Solar Decathlon Partners

Lecturers from our school, Della Madgwick, Dr Ruoyo Jin and Dr Mahmood Alam, travelled to Debrecen, Eastern Hungary in September to meet with Dr Kalmar Ferenc and his colleagues at  our Partner University to discuss plans for our Solar decathlon project.

Due to the different climate of Hungary it was necessary to discuss the plants we will be growing, the substrate and the design of the green roof along with plans for grey water re-use and structural design.

Additionally we were checking that building standards and regulations are comparable for both countries.

The University of Debrenc  established a full programme for the visit including a viewing of their European demonstration house being used to test efficiency in solar collectors according to building elevation, their University buildings and the Reformist Church of St Peter.

Many of our students will be travelling to Hungary next year as part of the construction of our solar decathlon project.

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