BuroFour placement – Max Harris

Max HarrisMy placement is at BuroFour in Angel, Islington (London). I heard about the company from a presentation given to us by a senior project manager at BuroFour, who is a University of Brighton graduate. The placement office gave extensive support, they gave advice on my CV and cover letter and they helped me with the interview, by giving advice about questions and things like dress code (which without them I would have gotten wrong!).


My lecturer has come to see me, she went above and beyond as she visited me all the way up in Birmingham and met me and my project manager which I thought was very thoughtful.

I am really enjoying my placement. They put me through a lot of company training for Project Management, Design Management and Programme management. I have also done some Bid and Marketing Coordination. Twice a week I spend a lot of time on a construction site, monitoring construction work. I have to liaise with colleagues as well as industry professionals in this role to make sure the work is the right quality as we are a client based Project Management organisation.

I now have a better understanding of the building fabric and how a building is constructed as opposed to just the theory. It has helped me make my mind up about my career and made me more determined when I get back to uni to get a really good degree.

My placement at ARCH angels Architects, Janet Osei-Berchie

Janet-ArchAngelPlacement-3I am loving my placement! I am learning so much as I have had the opportunity to work on so many different projects. The company is amazing! its growing so much and has such a diverse amount of workI am lucky to have the opportunity to learn from experienced architects who are so willing to teach me new things.

My placement involves working on a variety of construction work, from extensions to a whole house renovation. I have been able to design extensions, survey clients’ houses and provide detailed drawings for building regulations. What I have learnt at university has helped me on my placement but due to the nature of my course there is a lot you learn in practice and that is why i would highly recommend a placement to any student studying my course.

I have had great support from the university, my course leader has come into the office to see how things are going and send emails to ensure I am doing okay on placement.

I know I want to continue in this field and even continue to do a masters degree in another construction related subject.

Janet Osei-Berchie is studying Architectural Technology BSc(Hons) and is currently on placement at local company ARCH angels Architects.