Worried about not getting the grades?

So about this time a couple of years ago, I was feeling very anxious. I had received offers from 4 universities and I really wanted to get the best grades I could, but I wasn’t sure how well I had done.

When results day rolled around, I got a couple of emails from my firm and insurance choice universities to let me know that I had not got the grades I needed. My stomach twisted and I felt so stressed.

Me and my mum went into my college and spoke to tutors about my various options, deciding what would be best for me. We came to the decision to try clearing.

For anyone not familiar with the clearing process, this is where universities that still have space on their courses can offer you a space even if you don’t have the entry requirements. It’s a way for you to still go to university even if you didn’t get the grades you hoped for.

I contacted the University of Brighton that morning and had a chat on the phone about what I wanted to do and what grades I had. They were so helpful and supportive and offered me a place on their Computer Science course.

I then attended a clearing open day to see the uni before I started, and then enrolled like any other student. No one knew once I started that I got in through clearing, it was as if I had applied and got in like everyone else.

Thanks to clearing, I could still go to university to study what I wanted and I’m so grateful for this opportunity. I am absolutely loving my university experience and it’s all thanks to the clearing team at the University of Brighton for allowing me to study at their university.

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