Don’t click here

To find out more about blah blah blah click here.

Come on now, we all did it when we started out adding links to sentences. Then as time went on we realised that people skim read on the web, so adding your link to descriptive words is better, because it means people don’t have to read the whole sentence to work out where click here is going to take you.

But your halo can shine even brighter for using descriptive link text, as you’re helping people with visual impairments who use screen readers. Actually that’s really patronising, let’s say if you don’t do it then you’re a really bad person. No, you are, really bad. Imagine yourself having to rely on web pages being read out to you and watch/listen to this…


ALL CAPS – as subtle as a chat with Brian Blessed or James Earl Jones. But that’s not the worst thing about them. Did you know that a screen reader will read out a word written in all caps, one letter at a time? O n e  l e t t e r  a t  a  t i m e.

The all caps style you see on

  • CTAs
  • course finder search boxes
  • STUDY and RESEARCH AND ENTERPRISE in the megamenu
  • headings on the home page etc

are applied to the page as it requested by a web browser, but should be written in sentence case as usual.

We also keep the use of all caps to a minimum on the website as they make reading harder for some people with dyslexia, and we know that a significant proportion of our students are registered as dyslexic. So give the caps a rest, leave them to that one shouty relative on an ancient Nokia…

Log-in with the button in blue!

With the recent changes to the CMS, there is now a new method of logging into the CMS.  Simply click the blue button in the log-in screen and this will take you to the university log-in page.  You do not need to enter any details in the default CMS screen anymore.

It might seem a bit of a roundabout way, but this is a more secure and robust method of logging in and as a special bonus, if you have already logged into some university services, you might not even need  to log-in as the system might have remembered you.  How’s that for feeling special?

Check out our getting started page for more details and get ready for some serious logging in.

CTAs have no style

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end at some point. We’ve all enjoyed adding the CTA_link style to every CTA we’ve created, haven’t we… well there’s no longer any need to do it. Tracking for user clicks on CTAs has changed and no longer looks for the use of that style, so that’s a couple of clicks less required every time you add a CTA. Just imagine, all that time spent is now yours again. What will you do with it? Spellchecking is always fun!

If you think CTA stands for the shocking Criminal Tribes Act of 1871 you’d be factually correct, but in this context it stands for Calls to Action.

Change your Pa$$w05D

Sometimes you might want to change your password, maybe it has become too complicated to remember, maybe you want a theme for all your passwords, or maybe you just want a change.  If this is you, then rest assured, simply access your user profile and change away!

…how do I get to my user profile?  We’ve updated the Getting started page to show you.

Now the powers is yours.

City campus has arrived

The term ‘City campus’ is being incorporated into the external website (as well as any new print publications), replacing ‘Grand Parade campus’ from Monday 28 January 2019.

Remember: even though the campus name is changing, Grand Parade remains the name of the main building – the Grand Parade building.

Rewriting suggestions

Here are some suggestions on how to rephrase things to reflect this change (basically any sentences that include ‘city centre’ will need rewriting).

The city centre cycle lane network provides easy access to the Grand Parade site.
The cycle lane network in Brighton provides easy access to our City campus.

The Grand Parade site is in Brighton city centre.
Our City campus is in the centre of Brighton.

The Brighton campuses are located in the city centre at Grand Parade, and to the north of the city in Moulsecoomb and Falmer.
Our Brighton campuses are located in the city centre itself, and to the north in Moulsecoomb and Falmer.

Grand Parade is in the city centre and home to our arts and humanities students.
Our City campus is in the centre of Brighton and home to our arts and humanities students.

Good luck city slickers 😉

Tip top tables

It seems we had forgotten to cover the basics of creating / editing tables in your favourite user guide – so huge apologies for that. Anyway we’ve put that straight now and all your tables will be design classics.

Think of it as an early Christmas / Hibernal solstice / Cthulhumas gift from us to you 🙂

Find out more about creating a table here.

If you want a form… fill in a form!

We’ve slightly updated our forms page with how you go about requesting one. With GPDR, data protection and privacy is now extra important so to make sure that everyone is on top of things, when requesting a new form you now have to fill out a privacy impact statement, a privacy policy and a form to explain what you need your form for.  You can still create your form while you’re filling in the necessary documentation, but it won’t be approved until we have all the relevant information.  When you’ve created your form we’ll then add the final privacy policy to it and you’re ready to go.

Yes, I could have used the word ‘form’ several more times, but thought that that just wasn’t proper form.

University of Brighton style guide

Working hand-in-hand with the CMS user guide is the style guide. This is a list of all the do’s and don’t’s of content, including spelling, capitalisation, names and more. Everyone who works within the CMS should familiarise themselves with this as it means that our pages have consistency and follow corporate style.

You can find the style guide on Staffcentral and you may be prompted to log-in if you’re not already. You may find our recent new rules on academic year post useful too.

Happy styling!

Simple course search box

Due to some changes over time within the CMS, we have updated how you can add a course search box to your page.  And fortunately, the process is now much simpler to do with only 1 click and no parameters to play with.  So that’s nice.

What’s also good is that we have changed all existing pages with the course search box so that they now use the new one, so you don’t have to do anything there either.   So that’s nice too.

You can check out the new course search box on the, well, adding course search page!