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Rita Ora’s Glamour appearance

Immediately, the title of the magazine is the biggest piece of text on the magazine cover, behind Rita Ora’s head which makes the readers forced to make eye contact with the model when they read the title- creating a Male Gaze (Mulvey). Also the title is pink which upholds the feminine stereotype of pink being a girls favourite colour. Although the Glamour magazine is known as a ‘women’s magazine’ the way the picture is taken it’s assumed that the image is presented through a heterosexual male’s perspective. ThisĀ  is then assimilated and makes women look at other women in a similar way, therefore creating women to objectify each other and themselves.

In the image, Rita is holding a conservative dress or ‘business like’ (which connotes authority and dominance) against her naked body. A post-feminist view may see this as empowering and confident as she is proving to have no insecurities with her physical appearance, diminishing the female stereotype that females are never happy with their appearance. Additionally, the model has a very minimalistic makeup look to portrays looking ‘natural’, but having a bright lip colour which forces the attention to her lips. However, a retro-sexism view may be that because the model is holding the dress to reveal her slim, yet still hourglass, figure it’s inclined to agree with the view of beauty standards within society that being her shape is the only acceptable figure and the only way to achieve the definition of ‘beauty’ or what’s considered beautiful.

Rita Ora Glamour Magazine UK- September 2015

This magazine uses the anchorage method rather than relay because all the subheadings around the model, such as in reference to her holding a dress against her it asks “Oh no, Rita! Nothing to wear?” and also with the fact that she is visibly naked behind the dress the discussion of sex is mentioned so the readers are not able to make their own interpretations from looking at the cover as they are automatically confronted with topics made around the picture.

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