Seminar reflection week 2

Within my readings I found many points that made me think, is the way we use the internet and our online presents something we think we have control over, but in actual fact do not?. My relationship with the internet is constantly evolving and becoming stronger as more apps and platforms are created. I definitively feel a lack of personal space when it comes to the internet.

Whilst reading and learning Clay Shirky (2009) theories and views, it made me reflect on the changes in the media and the effect we are having on the view of old media. It also lead me to think about the social changes attached to this. Clay Shikly explained in his video the revelation in the media, explaining the 4 changes of the shifts in the media.


“the media that are good at creating conversation, are no longer good at creating groups, and the media that are good at creating groups, is not good at creating conversation”

this point really suck out.

listening to this video I realise i has a stronger understanding of these 4 shift in the media.  This was an extremely helpful video to watch as Shirky explained it in such a way that was easily understandable.

I found this was relevant to the contribution to the conversation I had with my class mates and it gave me a stronger understanding that was needed for the rest of the seminar.

I enjoyed the group work within this seminar as it gives us a chance to here each other views and options on the topic, watching relevant video is something I enjoyed too as it was more interactive and chill.

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