Week 9- reflection on seminar

Seminar week 9 reflection blog

In this week’s seminar our class mates presented their presentation to the class. Their topic was “Globalization”.
We were asked to carry out a debate. The class was divided into two groups, one group for the other agents. I was on the side for pros.

The examples we gave were:
– Globalization pros
– Mass trading globally allows for a larger and more diver selection of food to perches.
– Stogner dater has been collected that reflects on global warming
– Raises awareness for global warming
– Stringer communication created by the media allows for us to connect to people around the world
– We have a stronger understanding of other people’s economic and financial state.
– People feel More cultured


They showed us a few videos that I found extremely helpful as it elaborated on how the media effects Globalization. They then went on to further explain how globalization effects, politics and our communication with one and other.
We also participated in a quiz that the group had mad for us to do. This was fun as it really challenged our knowledge and even increased our understandings on globalization
For example, I wasn’t aware of the term “Anti-Globalization” as we hadn’t discussed it nor focused on it within the lecture in the morning. The quiz also tested us on how much we had been interested and engaged with the presentation.
I enjoyed that the quiz highlighted information and terminology that I was unaware of before I walked into the seminar.

After the group had finished their presentation we had a general discussion before moving on to watch a documentary. This documentary showed the shocking living environment that families are living in, in India. The Documentary showed us how these families have adapted to what is happening to the land they live in. Young women were shown burning the insides of a computer to gather the small remains and leftovers of gold/copper/silver within the wires. This was poisoning the air the young women were breathing in and therefor making them extremely ill over a long period of time.

Conclusion :
This week’s seminar helped me increate my understandings on the effect that globalization has on cultures, depending on their location. It also allowed me to discuss my understandings in this topic and gather a clear number of examples of the pros and cons crated by globalization.

Week 7

Our presentation – Privacy Within a Networked Society

‘Every time you make a telephone call, purchase goods using a credit card, subscribe to a magazine, or pay your taxes, that information goes into a database somewhere. Furthermore, all these records can be linked so that they constitute in effect a single dossier on your life – not only your medical and financial history but also what you buy, where you travel, and whom you communicate with. It is almost impossible to learn the full extent of the files that various organisations keep on you, much less to assure their accuracy or to control who may gain access to them’ (David Chaum, Achieving Electronic Privacy, 1992) 

Working on this topic and developing my understanding on privacy, was extremely enjoyable as it effects my everyday life. My role within this group was to provide examples that the class would be able to participate in a discussion, based on that topic. I came up with the idea to allow my classmates to use sticky notes as a way of communication. They could share with use their personal relationship with their mobiles phones, by showing red ( really strongly relate) Yellow ( slightly relate) Red ( does not relate at all).

Based on previous seminars I had noticed a reluctancy in the class that effected the discussion, therefore I thought it was just as important to push a more relaxed performances for our presentation. This is the reason we decided to use the sticky notes.

Using my phone I started a convocation about the intense tracking that our phones monitor, how our phones know where we are at all times. I gave examples,  then voiced my personal worries on the lack of privacy i have been experiencing, with the new Google Pixel phone I purchased last month. Many people within the class agreed with these worries and gave examples or shared stories.

Some of my research also included finding futuristic technology. The Google glasses were a prefect example of this as they allowed us to  show the Pros and Cons in the way technology has become more invasive to our personal life.

As a team we worked effectively but there was a strong reflection in the lack of work others provided due to their absence or lack of input  for the seminar. I found this slightly frustrating as it was a fun topic and we could have developed our ideas more and elaborated if we had all participated more as a team rather than half leading the group. On a much more positive note the class seemed to enjoy our presentation and interacted a lot more than expected. I enjoyed this weeks challenges and really appreciated all the feedback sheets the class wrote out for us at the end.

Week 6 Virtual community

Week 6-

Involved looking into the evaluation of technical teaching. Within the lecture we questioned what technology allowed us to do and what we actually want it it do. After the reading set for this week I found the lecture allowed for a stronger understanding and helped me understand some points and information I was slightly less confident about.

From the lecture and seminar I have learnt that there is a big separation in what we understand and think about the freedom we have within the media. I personally found questioning and talking about this subject helpful as it has a direct impact in relation to my readings. we think privacy and freedom are something we have control over but maybe we don’t? maybe this isn’t true? These questions prepare me for my presentation. My presentation that is due the following week is about ” Privacy Within a Networked Society”. 

 Place/Identity/ community Territorial –The place that you have been for a long time and have connected to so therefor place pride in your community. Virtual Community- is free from the confines of Geography. This is something that is not directed to reality participants. It is a chance that you make.. this gives us the feeling of FREEDOM.

understanding the development of why people used the internet and what interested them i.g Fandom, sexting, political participation enabled me to have more of an input within the seminar. referencing the WELL to describe the first form of a community within the internet showed my understanding.

In conclusion I found this seminar and lecture to be a great help. I enjoyed talking about my experience with online privacy and community. I gave an example of being part of a youth theatre for 4 years as my experience with being part of a community.

I enjoyed the group work within this seminar as it gives us a chance to here each other views and options on the topic, watching relevant video is something I enjoyed too as it was more interactive and chill



these topics


Week 3 reflection

Media in the network society  

Week 3 reflection

Media technologies and social change

To further my understandings for this weeks theories and ideas I found it personally very beneficial to go over Three layered module, of Objects, Content and Practises of use, within the seminar. Seeing my own use and relation towards Technologies and how that effects social change to be created around me, helped to navigate my answering and opinion on discussion within the seminar.

Within the lecture we followed a timeline of the general shift and change within the media. Phones, tv, the internet i.g were used to show these changes that had a knock on effect directly to social change. this teaching made me wonder and think further about the current social changes we are experiencing today.

within the seminar we all participated in a class debate, I found this extremely engaging and helpful to test each- others understanding and strong options. Hearing other peoples thoughts and beliefs about the media and the impact it has socially was useful as these interactions are similar to readings and related topics within all my modules.

“Do new media displace the old/heritage’ media? What the current trends in media use in the uk suggest? Do we still watch television?”

Answering this I firstly think back to my personal relationship with Television, I know I definitely have neglected TV over the passed 3 years, as I have grown up I have shifted towards online forms of media and there for see the representation of only new media. The new platforms try to use old heritage to hit a connection for people to take an interest in them. The trends used within the new media suggest and reflect the fast change and lack of attention spam we are all having. Snap Chat an example of this. Using short clips. 10s long before moving on.


Seminar reflection week 2

Within my readings I found many points that made me think, is the way we use the internet and our online presents something we think we have control over?… but in actual fact do not?. My relationship with the internet is constantly evolving and becoming stronger as more apps and platforms are created. I definitively feel a lack of personal space when it comes to the internet.

Whilst reading and learning Clay Shirky (2009) theories and views, it made me reflect on the changes in the media and the effect we are having on the view of old media. It also lead me to think about the social changes attached to this. Clay Shikly explained in his video the revelation in the media, explaining the 4 changes of the shifts in the media.


“the media that are good at creating conversation, are no longer good at creating groups, and the media that are good at creating groups, is not good at creating conversation”

this point really suck out.

listening to this video I realise i has a stronger understanding of these 4 shift in the media.  This was an extremely helpful video to watch as Shirky explained it in such a way that was easily understandable.

I found this was relevant to the contribution to the conversation I had with my class mates and it gave me a stronger understanding that was needed for the rest of the seminar.

I enjoyed the group work within this seminar as it gives us a chance to here each other views and options on the topic, watching relevant video is something I enjoyed too as it was more interactive and chill.

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