Centre for Digital Media Cultures

Digital media, visual narratives of illness and public self-representation

Talk by CDMC Visiting Fellow, Rebeca Pardo Sainz

Tuesday 2 July 2019, 2-3pm.



The arrival of the Internet and smartphones have given patients, family members and caregivers access to their own public representation. This seems to be providing the affected people with agency to transform the stigmatizing iconography of certain groups through self-referential images that contribute to separate the person from the disease.

The 30-minute talk was followed by a 30 minute Q&A/discussion.

Please note that this is part of an (optional) double bill with the 1-2pm talk ‘Mediated rapes: politics & visualities in the digital era’ by CDMC Fellow Elisa Garcia, see https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mediated-rapespolitics-visualities-in-the-digital-eracdmc-fellow-garcia-tickets-63337351724.

Dr. Rebeca Pardo Sainz is co-hosted by CDMC and the Creative Futures at the University of Brighton.

Dr. Rebeca Pardo is a photographerresearcher and senior lecturer of photography and cinema at the Faculty of Communication at Universitat Abat Oliba CEU (UAO CEU) in Barcelona (Spain). Dr. Pardo is also the head of the Research Unit and the head of the Office for Transference of Research Results of the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU (UAO CEU). Dr. Pardo was associate professor at Faculty of Arts at University of Barcelona (2008-2018).

She was the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project “Sharing Pain and Grief Online” and is the (PI) of the project “Visibilizing pain: visual narratives of illness and storytelling transmedia” that will be founded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities 2019-2021. She has been visiting scholar at Medical Anthtopology Center under the mentorship of Prof. Arthur Kleinman at Harvard University (2017) and at CSIC under the mentorship of Dr. Carmen Ortiz (2014).

She is also the author of the blog En la Retaguardia about Image, Memory and Identity that was awarded in 2012 with the Prize Young bloggers of essay by Ariel Publisher (Planeta Editorial Group) and her artwork has been exposed in Spain and Italy being finalist in the First International Artist Book Prize in Homage to Joan Brossa (Joan Brossa Foundation, 2016).

She has been awarded this year (25/01/2019) with an excellence prize for postgraduate teaching (due to students reports) by CEU Education Group in Spain.

Her research and teaching interest include themes related to photography, illness, self-reference, medical humanities and visual narratives. Dr. Pardo usually participates at International Conferences and has published several chapters in Spanish and English about these themes.

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Elodie Marandet • July 3, 2019

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