Been a while since we’ve had a round-up of think pieces, and also been a while since I posted on here *waves*. Hope this gives you food for thought.

Thinking face emojiStudent volunteering: does it make a difference? – (*SPOILER* Yes it does.) Joy Williams, IES research fellow, considers the vast array of reasons and motivations for students (that’s you – ed.) getting involved with volunteering, and analyses the benefits that volunteering can bring; from skills and career development to promoting workplace diversity.

Diversity: does the charity sector treat candidates fairly? Are entrants made to feel welcome and encouraged to build a career within the sector – whatever their colour, age, disability, gender, sexuality, social or regional background? 1,335 registered candidates on CharityJob (*the* go-to site for the sector btw) responded to a survey on this very topic. Find out what they had to say.

How ethnically diverse is the charity sector? According to ACEVO’s Pay and Equalities Survey 2018, only 3% of charity chief executives who took part were from BAME backgrounds, and this percentage has actually fallen over the last ten years. How does this translate to entry level recruitment and what is the experience of BAME candidates? CharityJob’s article gives you the low-down.

The gender pay gap in the charity sector: how can we fix it? Get a break down of the pay gap in larger and smaller charities, look into the causes and kick around ideas on how to fix it, once again courtesy of the good people at CharityJob.