Two Doors


Students often think about  popular career areas offering good opportunities and wonder how can they break into them when they don’t have a relevant degree.  One way of doing this is a via a postgraduate conversion course and Prospects has an excellent section on these on their website.

These are designed specifically for entry into certain careers and therefore differ from other perhaps more general Masters  and other postgraduate courses

Key areas for this kind of course include IT, Medicine, Law and Psychology  but there are courses in all kinds of fields.

Sometimes students look at this from the other way round, so ‘What might be available to me if I were prepared to do further study?’

You have a lot to offer already with your undergraduate degree in terms of skills and knowledge so  before embarking on this route think about …

  • Is this a field you really want to get into and what does the course qualify you for? Could there be more training following this, possibly ‘on the job’ ?  Are you prepared for this?
  • How long will it take? Some courses are designed to be ‘fast track’ so will get you where you want to be quickly but check how long overall it will take.
  • Doing the course on a part time basis might  be another option but that will be longer of course than full time.
  • Many offer  some work experience  opportunities or at least a chance to network with other employers in another way. This will help when seeking work in the longer term.
  • What is the cost ?
  • An employer may offer support for this in terms of time and money but there may be term and conditions around the financial help and any time off.
  • Where is it on offer?

Also do some research into whether you can get this kind of training via another route such as a graduate training programme.

Weighing up if this is the right move for you involves some serious thinking and detailed research. You can always contact us for more help  before applying for this route.

But doing this kind of course can offer a way of creating more opportunities for yourself.

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