Neujahrsvorsatz: mehr Kekse und öfter Feiern

For final year students the year of graduation has begun.  If your career plans haven’t started yet or have stalled for some reason here are some top tips to get your career ideas moving again…

  1. Are you signed up for job alerts? if you aren’t getting ones that appeal you may need to revisit your preferences and check these are right for you.
  2. Are you missing any sources? Time for more research… check out our website and also others  such as Prospects and Target.
  3. What do your CV and covering letter look like? Do they need an update?
  4. Are there any events coming up you need to be aware of ?
  5. If you are interested in postgraduate study do you need to make applications for courses and funding ?

If you are in need of one to one bespoke help remember there are staff on every campus to help you start to decide what to do next.

Just contact us for more information on how to access this service.

Creative Commons LicenseMarco Verch via Compfight