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We often get enquiries from students and graduates unsure what to do and don’t know where to start. Even those on vocational courses can find themselves thinking I don’t really want to go into this occupation or industry now, but what else can I do ?

So here are some ideas to get you thinking… perhaps in a different way … and remember 70%… give or take…of all graduate jobs are for those with any degree.

Here goes…

Money ! It may be  an obvious attraction, especially if paying off debts but don’t just go for the most well paid job just for the sake of it.  Think about what it really offers and if it interests you. A relatively new and well known supermarket chain offers a great deal with a company car thrown in but if you have little interest in food retail you are not going to get in or last very long.

Think about the organisation you could and would perhaps like work to for,  public or private sector?  The NHS or the Civil Service perhaps? Has it got a commercial or industrial focus or a mixture of both ?  Small, medium or large company? Trying to work on that can narrow down your options and help you focus.

Who do you want to work with? The general public, do you want to help, advise and support for example? or just work with other colleagues ? Or a mixture?

Be aware of the usual setting or environment for your sector. Is it inside or outside London? Big cities such as Manchester and Birmingham can also have opportunities  but jobs are also found in more remote parts where space is needed. Such as engineering on industrial sites or even maybe off shore.

If you don’t drive it’s worth considering learning as it can help with commutes to some of these places.

Have you got an interest that could lead to a job? Does anything particularly  interest you? All sorts of jobs exist in sport, the arts, fashion and media that aren’t immediately obvious.

If you are interested in a range of areas then some graduate schemes offer you the choice to try out working in different departments .

Try not to rule out training , especially if its offered for free as part of the package. They are going to show you how to do the job and with this you will gain further skills and be even more employable.

Prospects website has some great starting points and you can also do a quiz which may help you focus and narrow down your options.

Don’t forget  the university Careers Service  website and there are Career Development Advisers on each campus who can help you decide what your next step should be.


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