If you are interested in applying for funding to undertake postgraduate study in the US, the Thouron Award is still open but not for long.

Up to TEN awards, each with a total value of approx US$90,000 per year,
covering tuition fees, health insurance and living expenses, including
travel in the USA, will be available (for one or two years) from 1
September 2018 for candidates who wish to pursue a postgraduate programme
at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.

*The Thouron Award* , established in 1960 Sir John Thouron and his American wife, Lady Thouron, to promote closer ties between the people of the United Kingdom and the United States. It is among the most prestigious and generous academic scholarships in the world, giving young people of outstanding ability and open minds the means to study, travel and immerse themselves in the life of their host country. Scholars are chosen not only for their academic achievements, but for their ability to engage with one another and take an active part in a changing world. They are expected to act as student-ambassadors, putting their
energy and intellect to work strengthening the ties between two great

For further details, see Thouron website at www.thouronaward.org
or contact Jennie Eldridge, Thouron Awards, jeldridge@thouronaward.org