Various volunteer roles on print and online independent local newspaper are available in writing, editing, illustration, design, social media, business administration and fundraising.

News-writing assistant

The news-writing assistant is responsible for liaising with the news section editor to find out what stories may be available, or to agree which stories they are going to research and write for each edition.

The ideal person for this role would have an interest in news journalism. They would need to be literate as well as being reasonably familiar with various online content and project management platforms (Basecamp, Google Drives etc) although training will be provided as necessary. A good local knowledge would be an advantage but not essential. Most work is carried out from home and our schedule is flexible. Experience of writing to specified word-counts and deadlines is desirable

Sub-editing assistant

The sub-editing assistant would be responsible for liaising with the chief content co-ordinator and the various section editors, and then checking submission for correct spelling and grammar. They would also need to carry out basic research and fact-checking

The ideal person for this role would have a very good knowledge of written English and grammar. They would need to be very thorough and painstaking, whilst also being able to communicate diplomatically when questioning mistakes. The role would suit students from journalism or English courses, or anyone with a strong interest in English and journalism.

This role would give volunteers invaluable experience in a role that is still very much in demand in the world of print journalism.

Illustration contributor

This role would be for volunteers to contribute either cartoons/illustrations to their own brief, or designing specific illustrations to a brief outlined by our lead designer.

This role would suit anyone with an interest in illustration, specifically students studying illustration, arts or design courses. We would allow volunteers to have a large amount of free reign in their designs/illustrations, although some work would need to be carried out to specific briefs. Working to deadlines is important. Training will be given on our specific workflows and content management systems.

Fundraising assistant

The fundraising assistant would be responsible for fundraising via two channels: Fundraising from public events (such as Arts Auctions, Ticketed Live Music Events etc), and fundraising by writing bids for grants for the running and development of the newspaper.

This role would suit students with an interest in business, charity and social enterprise. Full training for bid writing can be provided and this would equip volunteers with the skills to seek out and successfully apply for large pots of charitable funding. This work can be carried out remotely.

Business administration assistant

The business administration assistant works closely with our senior business development manager (BDM). They would be responsible for liaising with the BDM and customers to ensure that clear communications is being carried out and that invoicing is carried out efficiently. They would also work with the BDM to increase sales revenue.

This role would suit someone with an interest in advertising, sales and marketing. The most important aspect of this role is good customer relations and the ideal candidate would be personable and outgoing and wanting to develop their entrepreneurial skills. They would be working closely with our BDM, who has 30+ years’ experience in business-to-businesses sales and is very keen to share his knowledge.

 To apply please contact the University’s Volunteering Service, Active Student