…No, we haven’t lost the plot (no more so than usual).


You may be busy scheduling more parties, turkey dinners and hideous jumper outings than you can handle but many employers already have an eye on June-July-August, and who’s going to fill their choice summer workexperienceplacementinternship* opportunities. We thought we’d give you a heads up, help you stay ahead of the game and bag a sweet job for the summer months ahead of the pack. Prize for the most clichés in one sentence? Why thank you…

*Increasingly, employers seem to use all three terms interchangeably. We stopped worrying ages ago – you should too.

We’ve updated our Finding Placements and Internships page to include a section dedicated to sources and strategies for finding summer placements. Find out more at http://bit.ly/UoBfpi

If you’re not actively job seeking with our Vacancy Service you may be missing out. All students are automatically registered with the service. Go to the login page for details on how to access your account. To get alerts for new work experience opportunities update the ‘My email preferences’ section. You’ll only get alerts for jobs that match your preferences – we don’t spam! http://bit.ly/UoBvacancyservice

Our Vacancy of the Moment over at the Careers website offers the chance to spend your summer working at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle or Palace of Holyroodhouse for The Royal Collection Enterprises helping visitors make the most of their visits to these historic landmarks. Find out more at http://about.brighton.ac.uk/careers or log in to http://bit.ly/UoBvacancyservice and search for vacancy ref: BRI151216/1741375

Image: Luiz Navarro via Compfight