The careers service is available for life to all students from the day we enrol at the university. It’s reassuring to know that their support is available even after we leave university and venture out into the labour market.

Manor House

The university has a careers office at each of our 5 campuses, where we can access several services that can help us better prepare for our future professional careers. Although if we can’t go there, they will soon provide support via video conferencing. Since a growing number of companies and organisations are using video conferencing to conduct job interviews, this service can also help us prepare for a new type of interview. Let’s be honest, how many of us stare at our own video while on Skype or Hangouts with someone else? Or that we didn´t realise we had our clothes all over the bed in the background?

For more tips and details on what the careers service has on offer and who can access the service, go to the careers service and the alumni association websites.


Image source: mrc