The flipped classroom at BSMS – What happened at a recent workshop

Dr Julia Montgomery
Director of Assessment & Feedback and Senior Lecturer in Medical Education

We recently ran a one-day workshop, titled “Do you want to flip?”, for BSMS teachers interested in learning more about this approach and have a go at developing pre-lecture material. Here is a quick report back on how it went.

What is the flipped classroom?

The ‘flipped classroom’ approach to teaching is relatively new, emerging as a term around 2010.

The first principle is that students are given pre-lecture work to do that covers the basic/fundamentals of the subject so that the time within the actual lecture with the lecturer can be used to explore the subject in greater depth and thus moving the student from a receiver of facts to the higher stages of Bloom’s taxonomy of learning, the application of knowledge and critical thinking.

The second principle is the use of blended learning both before and during the lecture time. Blended learning involves the use of both on line digital media (videos, podcasts, animations, quizzes, narrated slides) as well as face-to face-teaching. Continue reading

Reflections on my first national medical education conference

Dr Andy Brereton, Clinical Teaching Fellow

Last month I attended the ASME Annual Scientific Meeting in Exeter at which I presented a poster on my research into ward round teaching. It was my first experience of a national medical education conference and here are my reflections:

If this was a trip advisor review, it may have read something like this:

“The setting for ASME 2017 was Exeter university’s beautifully manicured campus. This offered great facilities, a friendly academic audience and a reasonable B+B, a stones throw from the conference. There were some notable highs and lows…

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Free Blended Learning Workshops at University of Brighton

The University of Brighton Centre for Learning and Teaching is running another blended learning programme. There are two workshops left:

(NB: You need to have a BSMS log-on account to be eligible)

As you head towards the summer break and start planning next year’s teaching, it might be the time to consider how to make your teaching sessions more interactive and engaging, based on a sound pedagogic rationale. These sessions are an opportunity to gain ideas and confidence in new technologies as part of a blended learning approach, and can contribute to your engagement with the Blended Learning theme of the Curriculum Design Framework.

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