Training: Blending your teaching – lunchtime seminars in Nov/Dec at University of Brighton

Want to find out how to actually implement blended learning? Take these lunchtime seminar opportunities being offered by University of Brighton’s CLT:

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Blending your teaching – using the new touchscreens for seminars and group work teaching

Wednesday 22 November 2017, 1.30-2.30 pm, Explore Studio, Checkland Building, Falmer campus

Touchscreens are being rolled out across the University as part of the programme of classroom modernisation. This session will allow participants to gain hands-on experience using the screens for presenting, sharing content from their own devices and the advanced features the screens offer, with a focus on their effective use in seminars and group work.

Blending your teaching: using learning analytics

Tuesday 28 November 2017, 1.00 – 2.00 pm, Online

This online webinar will explain Learning Analytics (LA) and give an overview of developments both internationally and in Brighton. There will be opportunities for participants to discuss how they would hope to use LA in their teaching.

Blending your teaching: creative, playful and innovative approaches to teaching

Wednesday 6 December 2017, 1.30 – 2.30 pm, Room 217, Westlain House, Falmer campus

This session explores some engaging ways of increasing student learning through planning sessions around 15-20 minute blocks, and managing activities such as modelling with Lego, using Kahoot! on mobile devices, and exploring 3D objects and environments using Google Cardboard and Nearpod. Whether preparing for seminars, small group teaching or large lectures there will be some ideas for you.

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How is your digital literacy for teaching? A new BSMS resource to help you

Teacher Helping Students Working At Computers In Classroom via Compfight

There is a strong need for BSMS teaching staff to develop and maintain their digital literacies if we are to be a “medical school of the 21st century” with a focus on “the development of technology-enhanced learning” and “excellence in education” (BSMS Strategic Plan 2015-2020). As a Department of Medical Education, we seek to support you, our educators, in your digital understanding so you can make informed choices in your teaching practice.

We have devised a comprehensive list on this site to help our teaching staff assess their own knowledge and skills, and provide links to resources so that you can fill in the gaps. It is based on a framework from the University of Brighton and national guidelines. It covers the basics of digital literacies across four broad sections:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Communication and Collaboration
  3. Administration
  4. Research and Information Management

The list is here: Digital literacies checklist for teaching at BSMS.

Have a go – see how many you know!

If you would like any further training on any areas, contact Tim Vincent ( or 01273 644501)