More BSMS PollEverywhere accounts now available

BSMS have access to all the paid-for features of PollEverywhere through the University of Brighton institutional licence but there has only been a handful of account available to us. Now, the University of Brighton eLearning team have recently paid for a much greater number of accounts so there are many more available for BSMS educators to use.

PollEverywhere is the handy audience response tool to help get interaction going in your teaching sessions. Many lecturers are using it to gauge students’ understanding halfway through a session, or help students with revision, or get students discussing a question. You can read about a few BSMS examples here. Since it’s all electronic, students can respond anonymously (which increases response rate) and you get to keep and reflect on the responses after the session so you can feed that back into your teaching practice.

If you would like to make your lectures more engaging and interactive (and you have an active BSMS user account), get your PollEverywhere account now by contacting me ( It’s quick and easy to set up and I can talk you through it.

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