Prezi for Education – a versatile and engaging way to present information

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Using Prezi for teaching and learning

Prezi is a presentation platform used in both business and education that seeks to break away from the usual linear presentation. It is a more versatile alternative to PowerPoint and other liner platforms, providing a slicker way to present ideas.Instead of presenting content one slide at a time, Prezi lets you move around the information and zoom out to see the big picture and zoom in to focus on minute details or examine further supporting material. What’s better is that it is has a free version!

Prezi began life as an online Flash-based platform but now cloud based HTML 5 presentations can now be created for desktop and tablet use with Prezi Next.  On a Prezi canvas, a large single image can be used as the background. You can include images, YouTube videos and data visualisation charts using live data form Excel spread sheets. Offline presentations can be downloaded and distributed for use in areas where internet access is unavailable (paid-for version only).

See an example of a presentation of digital literacy here:

The Department of Medical Education has obtained a licence for the full version so we can support you in producing some great presentations for teaching. For further information, training or support contact:
Book use of the Prezi presentation software here: prezi booking form

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