How is your digital literacy for teaching? A new BSMS resource to help you

Teacher Helping Students Working At Computers In Classroom via Compfight

There is a strong need for BSMS teaching staff to develop and maintain their digital literacies if we are to be a “medical school of the 21st century” with a focus on “the development of technology-enhanced learning” and “excellence in education” (BSMS Strategic Plan 2015-2020). As a Department of Medical Education, we seek to support you, our educators, in your digital understanding so you can make informed choices in your teaching practice.

We have devised a comprehensive list on this site to help our teaching staff assess their own knowledge and skills, and provide links to resources so that you can fill in the gaps. It is based on a framework from the University of Brighton and national guidelines. It covers the basics of digital literacies across four broad sections:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Communication and Collaboration
  3. Administration
  4. Research and Information Management

The list is here: Digital literacies checklist for teaching at BSMS.

Have a go – see how many you know!

If you would like any further training on any areas, contact Tim Vincent ( or 01273 644501)

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