Often discovering the best influencer to advertise your brand can be a difficult task. However, it is important to get this initiative right as it can help your business increase its opportunities for sales. This blog will focus on the tips to find the right influencers as well as looking at the risks and benefits.

Influencer marketing has increasingly become crucial in today’s business world. With so much information available online customers are more sceptical in trusting advertising and instead opt for recommendations online. Influence marketing allows businesses to reach out a wide range of potential customers and attract considerable attention via social interactions through the snowball effect (Li et al., 2011).

The top tips on how to find the right influencer:

 According to (hall, 2010) what makes an influencer truly valuable is the number and relevance of their extended or indirect connections. Relevance: It’s important to identify someone that is a good fit for your business. The influencer content should suit your brand message as well as its followers. It serves no purpose asking an influencer to promote your business when it’s going to be delivered to an audience that is not relevant to your brand image.

For example, Kevin Bacon with EE. EE was focusing on the speed you can stream movies and other media on their network and collaborated with Kevin Bacon a famous actor having him tell their story makes it authentic.

kevin bacon

Number: Fans, followers and subscriber counts are key metrics to consider when looking at influencers. Having someone who has a large following online will help your business reach a wide audience because of their popularity this shows they have a greater influential strength (Kale et al., 2007). By mentioning your brand your brand online, they are expanding your brand communication.

Engagement: When trying to find the right influencer for your business it’s important to look at engagement. It’s not looking how engaged they are online but how the readers respond to their content such as looking applause, conversations and Amplification  (Kaushik cited in Vervely, 2012) ). For example, if the audience interacts with influencers content a great deal it shows that they have a meaningful relationship as readers are more likely to have more loyalty.


Influencers may be motivated by just the paycheck: Influencers are paid to promote your product don’t expect them to be a fan. Most make a living out getting paid per post depending on reach and audience. It is a great benefit marketing through them you have to be cautious that someone is just in it for the money.

A great example is Oprah Winfrey 2012 tweet (Dillet, 2012):

Microsoft partnered with Oprah in the home to increase their sales and recognition. However, she celebrated her love for the product sent from an iPad.

Expensive: It can be really expensive partnering up with some influencers as they can make you charge a premium. Depending on how much followers they have can command thousands a top influencer can command $300,000 per YouTube video. According to (O’Connor,2017) Rachel Brathen a yoga expert commands upwards of $25,000 for a social media post.


Not sharing the same values: The influencer message, beliefs and audience should reflect a lifestyle that your business promotes to your customers. A great example Is the YouTube sensation PewDiePie who was going to be the face of YouTube new red streaming service and had influencer contract with Google and Disney. However, he uploaded a series of videos featuring anti-semitic comments and Disney and Google both sever ties with him (Solon, 2017). In addition, YouTube dropped him from their advertising program.


Overall when implementing influencer marketing these tips and risks will be useful for promotion. According to Linqia (2018), 86% of marketers used influencer marketing in 2017, 92% of whom found it to be effective. However not partnering up with the right influencer can be detrimental to your brand image and sales, therefore, it’s important to get it right.


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