LM 111 Week 10

This was the week of my presentation and it was about digital divide. What digital divide is the difference between people who use the internet and technology to use the internet to people who don’t. Digital divide is a distinction between those who can participate in the ‘digital’ economy, as consumers & producers via online, digital systems and those who can’t… (Couldry, 2003:4). This is what we spoke about in our presentation, we discussed who does and doesn’t and people who can’t such as people in countries where the government control what the public sees like North Korea.

The people who can’t have access to the internet are countries such as North Korea, China and Saudi Arabia. This is because the supreme leaders want to control the flow of digital information from the people.  From what evidence there is, we know that China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia have laws and policies about their internet usage and content. Such laws and policies that could be considered extensive when compared with other countries.

The people who do have access to the internet are places like the UN who thin having access to the internet should part of out human rights. it would seem that internet access and freedom on the internet is something now considered into our human rights. As it is such a big part of most of society, it is now viewed as something all people should be able to access and use accordingly. As well as this, the U.N have put these protocols in place to protect people from their states and governments, as it is something they believe can be controlled unrightfully by their leaders.