LM 111 Week 9

In todays lesson, Maria taught the class about globalisation. Within the globalisation there are many manifestations which are all together and not separate. Globalisation can be described as processes and relationships that are multidimensional, interdepend, uneven and not fair for all and contested. ‘Globalisation is also about our growing awareness of these depending connections and independence’ (Steger 2003: 13)

There are many different manifestations such as

  • Economy: This ┬áconsists of world trade of goods from other countries, services and also culture (food, clothes, goods).
  • People: This consists of intentional movement of people as tourists, refugees, guests workers and students.
  • ┬áCulture industry: Global culture industries music, film, fashion – global circulation of signs , ideas, brands and lifestyle
  • ‘War on terror’: ‘The globalisation of the ‘war on terrorism’ has had many implications including the monitoring of citizen within nation states, the treatment of those seeking asylum from global conflict zones and the movement of people to and from countries more generally’ (Flew, 2005:178)


LM111 Week 8

In todays lesson Maria tort the class about surveillance, dataveillance and consumption online. From my notes from the lesson I learnt what surveillance is. It is ‘watching a recording others activities as a means of monitoring and supervising them’ (Lyon, 2002). This sort of surveillance will be used on places like high streets, supermarkets and banks. The surveillance cameras would normally be used for security purposers for suspicious acts.

There two different types of records. Public records witch which consist on both, marriage and death certificate, electoral registers, council tax revisits and medical records. This sort of records are controlled by the governemnt. The other type of records are private records. This consists of store loyalty cards, frequent flyer data, car rental and traffic control camera database. This records recorded is done irately with this producer and consumer.

This links to the data we register in social media. We give personal information such as name, gender date of birth, nationality ethnic orgin and this links to the  surveillance though suscation. when we see the option to get discount, freebees and sign up for competisitons online, we are willing got give away personal information just to get something from the internet and in store.