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  1. Hi Dawn. I wrote to you in October after the article in the Daily Mail about hedgehogs and you replied to me. Since then I have made a ceramic HH feeder which has been very successful and much better than the old polystyrene box plus bricks for a tunnel which I was using temporarily. I’m a potter so it was not too difficult a project for me. Can I send you a photo with a hh emerging from it? I’ve lost your email address. Anyway, since then the three larger HHs presumably hibernated and only the baby kept coming. “He” weighed 560g on 16th Oct then on 31st he weighed 685g (getting better!) and the last time was 17th November when he weighed 902g. I was satisfied then that he would be OK but he has continued to take the food until 5 nights ago. I noticed he came earlier as the nights became longer and he ate everything. It was a bit puzzling when he missed the odd night, but never two nights in a row, before he completely stopped coming. Very clever to realise he wasn’t big enough to hibernate until quite heavy enough to survive the winter,don’t you think? I’m looking forward to next year! Regards. Caroline Woodrow

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