Woad Dyeing Workshop

On Friday we were taught two methods of dyeing using the woad pigment and the woad leaf. It was interesting to see the difference in colour and shade between the two processes of dyeing.


image-194Tearing the woad leaf.

image-201Torn woad leaf in boiling water.

image-195Measuring out the pigment.

image-199 copyDifferent stages of the woad plant: alive seeds, leaves, dead seeds and pigment balls.

image-198Different colours that can be achieved from the woad plant.

image-202Carefully placing yarn into the pigment and water, making sure no oxygen goes into the dye.

image-204 image-206

image-207 image-208When first taken out of the dye, the yarn and fabric appear a yellow colour. Once the dye reacts with oxygen, the colour develops into a blue.

image-209Different shades of blue yarn created from the pigment dye.

image-210A turquoise shade is created from the woad leaf dye.



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