All things Naked

All things Naked

For years and years I have been building my make up collection, to the point where I need a suitcase to put it all in. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have been obsessed with eyeshadow ever since I swatched my first product. I love the way eyeshadow can bring a beauty look from a 5 to a 10, its magical in its own right. Anyone who knows me will also tell you that I hoard eyeshadow palettes. I am a self diagnosed palette hoarder. 

I can’t stress to you how long it has taken me to build my collection of shadows into the shrine it is today; I have an impressive collection of beautiful shadow palettes (all of which my mum thinks look the same, which is insulting tbh).

I am OBSESSED with red and burgundy shadows, they are beautiful on a hazel brown eye with a hint of gold glitter to make them pop. This can be accompanied with a nude lip (my go-to is Kylie Cosmetics- Exposed Matte) which makes for the perfect autumnal look with a hint of optional glitter for a girl who likes to look glam.

I will be the first to confess that my eyeshadow skills used to be catastrophic to say the least. 14 year old me did not know the concept of blending or precision, more like putting as much on my eyelid as possible and hoping for the best. It was not the best FYI.

To demonstrate this look, I’ve made a quick video for you guys in the hope that you can replicate it and feel as good as I do when I wear this look. (If you have blue eyes, I seriously recommend this look but with a dark purple and shimmer pink instead, it makes blue eyes POP and will go perfectly with the same nude lip and an iced white highlight on the cheeks). The best thing about this look is you only need 2 products and a brush to pull it off!

Products used

– Morphe 35O palette (Naked 3 palette for blue/green eyes) 

MAC 217 blending brush

L’oreal Telescopic mascara 


I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, I also hope that you can recreate it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments as I’d love to hear your feedback as well as what type of products you like to use on a daily basis for a daytime look!

Shan x

Critical reflection

Critical reflection

When reflecting on my love for make-up, I know that there are some improvements that I could make if I wish to make my hobby into a profession.

Whilst practicing the art of make-up and developing it, I have set a fair number of goals that I wish to meet in the future. As this is my only social media outlet for my passion, I am looking to set up different accounts on different outlets that are specifically centered around my love for beauty and make-up. On these outlets, I plan to post different tutorials and pictures of my completed looks in the hope of getting a big enough following that I can develop this hobby into a full-time job. I can only dream!

I already have a personal Instagram that I use to post pictures of my collection, my different looks and anything that I find interesting or beautiful. I really enjoy the photography aspect of this and hope that my social media channel will attract positive attention from the right kind of audience. Although there are several accounts like this, I believe that my passion for the subject will differ me from the rest of the accounts.

Here are some of my Instagram posts;


Now, my hobby is relatively part time, to develop it more I will have to put a substantial amount of time and effort into practicing this so that my dedication for the subject shines through in my blog posts and videos. I aspire to become like different YouTuber’s, whom dedicate all their time to this profession, idolising these different people will aid me in becoming as successful as them.

In conjunction with this, it is important to recognize how the different advances in technology and the introduction of social media has had an impact on the way we perceive and understand things. Especially in terms of sites such as Instagram and Tumblr, it has become increasingly apparent that users of these sites use them to store and remember different memories. Vivviene and Burgess out like that “Changes in media technologies (from the printing press to the cinema and the rise of mass broadcast media in the 20th century) have engendered changes in how we capture, remember and communicate personal images of everyday and family life” (Vivienne and Burgess. 2013: 280). In other words, they are expressing the idea that the introduction of social media means that the way we express and collect memories has differed massively as opposed to 30 years ago, when memories were kept in the form of a single photograph rather than an Instagram feed.

Overall, I am hoping to turn my passion into a career, however for the mean time I will focus on my studies and one day hope to pursue a career in make-up. Until then I will continue to post on my Instagram and blog!

Stay tuned,

Shan x



Vivienne, S., and J. Burgess. “The Remediation Of The Personal Photograph And The Politics Of Self-Representation In Digital Storytelling”. Journal of Material Culture 18.3 (2013): 279-298



I have been SO excited to write this post because I want to tell you guys a little bit more about why I started using make up and the reasons why I love it so much. I also wanted to open up a little bit, so you can get to know me as a person!

As I mentioned before, I don’t often share my make-up experiences publicly, more so with the likes of my best friends and family. I kid you not though, I am known in my friendship group as being the one who has a suitcase (literally, a suitcase) FULL of make-up. So naturally, everyone wants to get ready at my house, eyeshadow palettes galore in my house.

Where my love for make up began…

My interest in make-up and beauty began when I was a baby diva; I would always watch my mum carefully apply her emerald green L’Oréal eyeshadow (hardly pigmented btw, we’ve come a LONG way) all over her eyelids and frantically stress if any product fallout got onto her freshly applied powder. I desperately longed for the day that I could get my own eyeshadow just like hers and plaster it EVERYWHERE, so much so that I looked like green lady from Wicked.

(This is my mum btw, so adorable)

I have always had a love for YouTubers and beauty bloggers, but I never thought that I’d be the one behind the words! I’ve been watching beauty bloggers such as; NikkiTutorials, Sam and Nick Chapman, Manny MUA etc. for years and I’m pretty sure they’re partly to blame for me getting shivers down my spine every time I set my eyes on a new palette. So I started experimenting on some of my friends….

If truth be told, I have ALWAYS had a problem with body image, especially my own. I always found myself using make up to hide my insecurities rather than enhance them. I was bullied a lot in school, lord knows why but I always felt like I had to impress my peers or live up to the expectations they had of me. I would plaster my face in a foundation 3 shades too dark for my skin, put on about 1000 layers of mascara because 1 just wasn’t enough; along with the sperm shaped eyebrows.


Anyways, if you’re not too scarred by that, I carried this ‘look’ on for about 2 years. Without even realising, I probably received more hate and negative comments looking like this than I did when I didn’t wear any at all. As much as I am now an advocate for loving yourself and wearing make-up that makes you happy, I wish someone would’ve told me this and helped me learn to love myself before I started trying to impress people and gain clarity and acceptance from them.

I would never change my experiences because they have shaped me into the woman and beauty fanatic I am today. Although, with the rise of social media expectations and beauty standards of women in todays society, I think its important to teach women (young girls especially) that it is so important to love yourself and to embrace your imperfections rather than covering them.

Shan x

The Foundations

The Foundations

Nothing plagues me more than having to write this introduction….I suck at introductions.

Fun fact about make up; it was invented 12,000 years ago! Let that sink in, people have been fiercely beating their face for just over 12,ooo years. It’s believed that the Egyptians were the ones who first invented make-up, and I have no doubt that Cleopatra won Antony over with her perfected cut crease. Slay girl, slay.

A little bit about me…

My name is Shannon O’Neill, I’m a Media Studies student at the University of Brighton and I LOVE all things beauty. From the moment you make your first swatch on a brand new eyeshadow palette to finally mastering how to create the perfect eyeliner wing. A quick disclaimer…the latter is VERY hard, I’d honestly rather complete a second degree than attempt to learn how to perfect my liner wings again. Patience is a virtue apparently.

By the way, the thought of writing my own blog post about make up literally DAUNTS me!! I have never been one to share my experiences with make up or show people my work, so bear with me while I get the hang of this.

Why am I starting this blog? 

My main reason for writing this blog is because I’m sick of people telling me all my nude lipsticks are the same colour.


For as long as I can remember, I have been enhancing the faces of SO many of my friends (including my mother and grandma). But as a student/ wannabe make up artist, I have always wanted an outlet to express my love and passion for make up and be able to share with other people how different products make me feel like an absolute queen. I also wanted to share with everyone my personal struggle with self image and how make up has boosted my confidence and helped me learn to love myself, something I think is so important for young girls and boys to learn.

Hopefully this blog will allow me to do all of those things, stay tuned for videos and pictures of my favourite make up looks, as well as hauls, reviews and all things beautiful. If you enjoyed this post, follow me on my other social medias;

Insta – @shaannonbeth

Snapchat- shaannonbeth

Tip of the day 

  • Apply setting spray to your eyeshadow brush before applying. It allows for smoother application, more pigmentation and less fallout!

Shan x