On-Line Exams

The following explains how this will take place:

The exam timetable has been posted on Studentcentral under Exam Schedules on MySchool: Brighton Business and shows you when your exam paper(s) will be made available on studentcentral in Assessment & Grades of your module.

Access to exam papers will be at 10am British Summer Time  (unless stated otherwise) on the day of the examination as per your exam timetable. You will then have 48 hours (72 hours if you have a Learning Support Plan in place*) to complete the paper and submit your answers via the correct Turnitin submission point. The submission point will not be visible until the stated date and time and will close at the end of the 48 (or 72) hour period.

We trust you to complete this work as an individual task without support from or collaboration with others.

Full instructions specific to your exam will be provided in your module under Assessment and Grades in due course

If you have any questions as the examination starts, a member of staff will be available for the first 30 minutes. Please email the relevant office as soon as possible, and they will forward your question to a tutor. For undergraduates email: bbsug@brighton.ac.uk. For postgraduate and professional students email: postgrad.business@brighton.ac.uk


* You must have an agreed Learning Support Plan (LSP) with exam recommendations in place. If you are unsure whether your LSP has been agreed or have any queries or concerns about this please contact Lucy Fullbrook at L.fullbrook@brighton.ac.uk. Students with an LSP and just needing a chat or support do also feel free to contact Lucy.

FAQ’s This will be continually updated

Q: How will examiners give out accurate grades as having 48 hours to complete an exam opens the doors up to many students ‘cheating’?

A: All the submissions will be through Turnitin which will check for plagiarism and collusion. As markers we will be extra vigilant as well. At the exam boards we all will be checking for anomalies.

Q: If the paper is normally a seen paper which is available 2 weeks before will this still be the case?

A: Yes

Q: Is there a word count?

A: Yes, we do not expect you to use the whole submission ‘time window’ to write your exam, so the normal word count will be a maximum of 1000 words per hour of exam duration for all business, accounting, finance and economics modules. Law students are expected to cite legislation fully and accurately, as well as to refer to case authority and other secondary sources in their answers. For this reason, the maximum word count for most LW and LWM modules will be 1300 words per hour. Please check module assessment points for specific information relating to your modules.

Q: Why do students have 48 hours to complete an exam paper when normally it is only a matter of hours?

A: We recognise the difficulties faced by students in shared learning spaces and with shared computers. Also, we have many international student who are on a different time zone and many students are sharing study space. Also we are in extremely challenging times for our administrator staff, it is not possible with around 100 exams and 1000’s of students to set-up different time releases.

Q: Will you be monitoring how long it takes me to submit my answers?

A: No, the ‘time window’ for submission will be open for 48 hours, and 72 hours for students with LSPs. It is up to you how you manage your time.

Q: How should I submit my answers? Which type of document, and how do I present handwritten material like calculations and diagrams.

A: You should create a Word document, and save it to your computer. If the exam paper requires calculations and/or diagrams, photograph these and embed them into the Word document. This document should be submitted via Turnitin when you are absolutely sure that you have finished, and before the ‘time window’ closes.

Q: I do not have my own laptop to complete my exam or my coursework what can I do?

A: Please email Lucy Fullbrook L.fullbrook@brighton.ac.uk ASAP for further information

Q: Have I got a Learning Support Plan in place?

A: You would have been emailed a copy of your Learning Support Plan (LSP) by Lucy Fullbrook following an assessment by the Disability and Dyslexia Team and agreement by your course leader and you may have had support for your exams in previous years (usually sitting in Mithras House with extra time etc). If you are unsure if this is the case please contact Lucy at l.fullbrook@brighton.ac.uk.

Q: I don’t have an LSP but I need one, what can I do?

A: The Disability and Dyslexia Team are still operating their service remotely and offering appointments. In the first instance please email disability@brighton.ac.uk and explain briefly why you may need support e.g. Learning Difficulty such as dyslexia, health condition etc. It would be useful to confirm if you have supporting evidence for this. They will get back to you as soon as they can but please be aware that this will take longer than usual and be patient.

Q: Can I take 48/72 hours to do my exam?

The exam paper will be released at 10am* (British Summer Time) on the scheduled date and you will then have 48 hours to submit your answers in line with the guidance in your module area (or 72 hours if you have an agreed LSP with exam recommendations). You may choose to complete the exam as if it were a normal sitting i.e. sit down an 10am and complete it within the original duration (as noted in the module descriptor) and submit it. You may instead choose to sit it this way at a different time during the 48/72 hours (particularly if you are overseas in a different time zone) or you may wish to use the full duration and submit by the deadline. Whichever works best for your learning style.

* professional courses exams have 48/72 hours from the start time noted on the timetable.

Q: I can see my exam twice on the timetable, how do I know which is mine?

A: You need to look at the module code, title and courses taking (final column) on the timetable. Undergraduate exams are denoted in black, postgraduate exams in green, professional courses exams in red). Some courses, particularly Law and CPE) teach the same subjects at different levels (they will have different module codes). If you are unsure which is your exam please check with Lucy Fullbrook or your programme administrator via email.

Q: My exam is a “seen exam” or has a “seen case study/element”, how will this work?

A: Most exams are unseen and will become available to you at the time and date as noted on the exam timetable. A small number of exams are “seen exams” or have an element (e.g. a case study) that is made available to the students two weeks prior to the examination date. If this applies to one or your exams you will be able to view the seen element of your exam on the module area at 10.00am 14 days prior to the date of your exam. Please note that you will not be able to submit your answers until the submission point opens in the module area and you will then have 48/72 hours to submit your exam answers. You should hopefully be aware if you are due to take a “seen exam” however if not please check the module descriptor for your module or check with your module leader.

Q: What happens if I have a query during my exam or spot an error?

A: When your exam opens at 10am (or a different specified time as noted on the exam timetable) your module leader will be available for 30 minutes to deal with any queries. Guidance will be posted in the module area with the exam paper about where you should direct your queries.

Very occasionally we become aware of an issue/error on a question on an exam. Should this be the case we would immediately post an announcement in the module area and an email will also be sent to the students sitting this examination.

Q: What happens if I am unable to complete my exam and submit it within the required ‘time window’?

A: The 48 hour ‘time window’, and 72 hours for students with LSPs, has been set to allow for a range of circumstances and should allow you sufficient time to complete your exam. The submission points will close 48/72 hours from the date and time shown on the exam timetable. If you experience significant difficulties with the completion of any of your exams within the exam period, please contact Lucy Fullbrook.

Q: I have heard that arrangements for Mitigating Circumstances have changed. When should I submit mitigating circumstances?

A: The University has now introduced Mitigating Circumstances for every assessment taken from the 5th March onwards, due to the COVID-19 situation, so it will not be necessary for you to submit a claim. However, if you wish to apply for Mitigating Circumstances for modules from Semester 1 (submitted prior to the 5th March) then please do so.

The Examination Board will take into consideration the University wide Mitigating Circumstances when considering your final profile or progression in line with the ‘no detriment’ policy.

The examination board would then make the decision as to when you would be permitted to resit your examination.


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