COVID-19 update: Managing extensions and mitigating circumstances

Guiding Principle

We hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well as we continue to navigate these uncertain times. We recognise that for some of you, the current situation may have generated anxiety or that the unplanned move to all teaching being delivered remotely may have left you feeling upset and concerned about your studies.

Please note that our guiding principle is to minimise disruption to the assessment process as much as possible. Our aim is to ensure that all students are able to complete this academic year as successfully as possible – both in a timely fashion and whilst maintaining the integrity and standards appropriate for your degree programme.


We will maintain normal practice with regard to extensions.  That means that we are not considering blanket extensions relating to COVID-19 and therefore all submission deadlines will remain as previously stated in your module outlines.

Where you wish to make an extension request relating to matters such as LSPs, bereavements, illnesses etc., these will be handled in the normal way via the course leaders.

Mitigating Circumstances 

We will also maintain normal practice with regard to circumstances that mitigate performance such as: long term illnesses, family issues, personal circumstances etc. We recognise that providing evidence may prove challenging due to the Covid-19.

In line with normal practice, mitigating circumstances are considered within the examination board processes. Exam boards have the authority to consider extraordinary, challenging, circumstances that impact upon an entire cohort.  Exam Boards are therefore the place where the whole of this academic year will be considered and the expectation is that exam boards will exercise their power to apply generic mitigating circumstances.

Please note also that, because we anticipate the application of generic mitigating circumstances, there will be no need for individual students to submit any evidence relating to Covid-19.

Julie Fowlie Deputy Head (Education & Student Experience)

Other Important Information

Please make sure you are checking your emails and student central regularly for updates.

You can find your Course Leaders contact details on student central, along with the contact details for the Programme Leaders.

University Web pages  

University helpline number 01273 641234 open Monday – Thursday 9am to 17.00pm, Friday 9am – 16.30pm.

You are also able to email Student Support and Guidance Tutors using

And a new student blog with detailed information.

Library support is still available: Information on the studentblog

If you experience any issues, please copy any communications made to staff to either UG office  or PG office

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