I hope you are all well.  The landscape in which we are all currently operating is changing rapidly so do endeavour to keep up with the news and the best advice.  The link to the University’s advice is here   which is updated regularly. Or please phone the help line on 01273 641234.

There is also a new student blog http://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/covid19studentupdate/

As countries close their borders it seems clear some of you may need to consider your travel plans or, indeed, have already done so. It would be especially helpful if you could let either the undergraduate office Bbsug@brighton.ac.uk  or the postgraduate office Postgrad.Business@brighton.ac.uk know if you are leaving the UK. This will assist us in keeping abreast of all CAS visa engagement requirements, for example.

All and any changes to assessments and exams are being announced on Studentcentral so be alert and log in daily as well as checking your EMAIL! Details will be posted on Studentcentral in due course.

If you are emailing a tutor and you are not receiving a response, please send a copy of your email to the appropriate office: either UG office Bbsug@brighton.ac.uk  or PG office Postgrad.Business@brighton.ac.uk

In the meantime, keep washing your hands. Stay in contact with your families to reassure them you are okay.

Julie Fowlie Deputy Head of School

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