UOB Connect be more 13/2/2020

What do you want to do after graduation? Any February deadline? February should be a relaxing month as most of the coursework was handed in during January. Job application? Further studies? Some of you might want to leave till exams are over. For those who wanted to get things sorted out before graduation, now might be the best time.

Attending to the #uobconnectbemore #brightonWorks #BrightonAchieves event is one of the best decisions that I could have ever made this year. Talking to alumni and listening to their experiences has widened my thinking framework. Denzil and Marvin, bloggers of Black and In Business which share insight into their career pathways, Sully from Brandwatch, Graham from UEA (University of East Anglia), Matthew from Merranti Group, Molly from Enterprise Car and Alison from Ministry of Justice UK, Lucie from Sammons Group… These smart and successful individuals were there and willing to help everyone of us.

Be Resilient!! That’s the utmost important thing that I have learnt throughout the day. Everyone gets rejected during the job application. For example, I applied for more than 100+ jobs since October. Yet, I haven’t got any. Finding a job straight after university is difficult and don’t let this get you down especially for those who need visa sponsorship. The best is yet to come and sometimes we just need a little bit of faith in ourselves.

Together, we can do better!!

Thank you so much to all who organised and helped in the event.
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