‘Climate by Numbers’ – come along to watch and discuss as part of Climate Learning Week

The week commencing 10 February is designated as Climate Learning week supported by The National Union of Students, The Times Education Supplement, Students Organising for Sustainability and the education trades unions.

In addition to our embedded content around the UN Sustainable Development Goals, you are invited to join us for a screening of the BBC’s excellent documentary Climate Change by Numbers in which three mathematicians, Dr Hannah Fry, Prof Norman Fenton and Prof David Spiegelhalter hone in “on just three key numbers that clarify all the important questions around climate change. The stories behind these numbers involve an extraordinary cast of characters, almost all of whom had nothing to do with climate change, but whose work is critical to our understanding of the climate” (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02jsdrk). The numbers are:

  • 0.85 degrees (the amount of warming the planet has undergone since 1880)
  • 95 per cent (the degree of certainty climate scientists have that at least half the recent warming is man-made)
  • 1 trillion tonnes (the total amount of carbon we can afford to burn – ever – in order to stay below ‘dangerous levels’ of climate change)

Afterwards we will open up a discussion around some of the intellectual issues raised (method, validity, proof), as well as how responsible enterprises might respond to these three numbers. It is multi-disciplinary, accessible and imperative.

Date: Wednesday 12 February 2020

Time: 1400-1600

Venue: G5 Mithras House

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