2019-20 BBS Student Engagement Champions

This years student engagement champions met for the first time on 20th September.

Their aims are to:

  • Help all students feel part of BBS, with a strong sense of belonging in the School.
  • Improve communication between staff and students to help increase attendance and engagement (e.g. in extra-curricular activities such as guest lectures, Enrichment Weeks, as well as taking part in social events).
  • Maintain a strong feedback loop to encourage students to share their views and to find ways to act on feedback provided.
  • Provide more opportunities for students to get to know each other within and across courses.

Abi Lebbon: A.Lebbon1@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Business Mgt. with Marketing )

Amy Rea: A.Rea1@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Marketing)

Aine Gilmore: A.Gilmore2@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Business Mgt.)

Daniel Diaz: D.Diaz1@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Business Mgt.)

Eleanor Bowley: E.Bowley1@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Business Mgt.)

George Watson: G.Watson2@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Business Mgt.)

Kira Downer: K.Downer1@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Business Mgt.)

Laura Palmer: L.Palmer7@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Business Mgt.)

Evita Tzanetatou: E.Tzanetatou1@uni.brighton.ac.uk  (Business)

Amy Caburn A.Caburn1@uni.brighton.ac.uk (International Business)

Cecily Reeves-Jones: C.Reeves-Jones1@uni.brighton.ac.uk (International Business)

Elisa Cobetto: E.Cobetto1@uni.brighton.ac.uk  (Business with Finance)

Amy Dowling A.Dowling2@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Accounting & Finance)

Tsun Lam ( Adrian) T.Lam4@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Accounting & Finance)

Chloerose Leeks: C.Leeks1@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Law with Business)

Ferdous Ahmed: F.Ahmed5@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Law with Business)

Xinran Evangeline Liu X.Liu11@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Economics)

Roisin Massey  R.Massey1@uni.brighton.ac.uk (Law)

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