Santander Undergraduate Student Paid Research Opportunities

The Undergraduate Research Scheme (URS) offers undergraduate students the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience (primary/secondary or practice-based) on projects covering all disciplines across University.

These research projects will last six weeks over the summer break and those students involved with the scheme will receive a bursary from the scheme of £1,000. In addition, the School or CORE hosting the project will commit to providing an additional £200, providing a total of £1,200 equating to a weekly stipend of £200 for the six weeks – students undertaking these placements should contribute a maximum of 25 hours per week.

The scheme provides an opportunity for up to five undergraduate students in the middle years of their degree (i.e. not first or final year students) to contribute to real research projects alongside some of our most talented academic researchers at the university. More details here

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