National Student Survey (NSS) & Brighton Student Survey (BSS)

Both these very important undergraduate student surveys are now open for you to complete. The NSS is for final year undergraduates and BSS is for non-final year undergraduates and the.

At Brighton Business School we are encouraging every student to have their say. We want to know all about the great things that have happened as part of your studies and boarder activities at the University plus any areas for further development. Aim to be decisive in your responses please do not fit on the fence!!!

For final year undergraduate students completing the NSS come and collect a raffle ticket on 12th & 19th February 5-7 in Mithras House Canteen or room 159a at anytime for a free ticket to the Brighton Business School Graduation Ball 2019

Please take the time to complete the survey as soon as possible complete the BBS hereĀ  NSS here

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