The University has agreed a revised Personal  Academic Tutor Policy 

Personal tutoring @BBS at level 4 will not be linked to a module and there will no longer be year tutors.

The key elements  that students can expect:

  • A named personal tutor who (under normal circumstances)  will be the same for the duration of their students.
  • Student will be offered a minimum of 3 tutorials a year at level 4 and 2 at level 5, & 6 (combination of group and individual) to discuss engagement, progression, support and academic experience.



The Role of the Personal  Academic Tutor

  • Provides a central point of consistent contact within the academic team for the student and to foster a sense of ‘belonging’ to the University, through creating a sense of academic community with the School.
  • Provides information and guidance on Institutional processes, procedures and expectations
  • Supports students to alleviate anxiety about what is expected academically (e.g. independent study) and to aid transition to Higher Education
  • Refers students to other support services as required (SSGT, Student Services)
  • Provides a holistic support for retention, progression and success for all students
  • Supports students in regularly reviewing their academic progress and performance in line with the Personal Academic Tutoring policy
  • Supports students’ awareness and use of academic feedback.
  • Encourages students to reflect on their formal and informal learning more broadly (rather than focusing on individual modules) and how it
  • contributes to their future development and career

Important tools

Disability Declaration Policy 

Equality & Diversity e-learning 

Unconscious Bias e-learning 

Prevent Training

Course for Concern Framework 

Staff Guidance  

Student Guidance

Student union course reps

Additional Resources

There is a futher training session on 19th Sept at 10-12 room to be confirmed