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Personal Academic Tutoring @BBS from Sept 2018 onwards

The University has agreed a revised Personal  Academic Tutor Policy 

The key elements  that students can expect:

  • A named personal tutor who (under normal circumstances)  will be the same for the duration of their students.
  • Student at  should be offered a minimum of 3 tutorials a year at level 4 and 2 at level 5, & 6 (combination of group and
    individual) to discuss engagement, progression, support and academic experience.

The majority of staff are are likely to have Personal Academic Tutor responsibilities. 

Please click on the link below for more information

Personal Academic Tutoring @BBS

Personal Academic Tutor Meeting Form

We need your feedback on the learning Analytics project

Time is running out to provide feedback on the project. We need your support if the project is to continue so please take the time to tell us what you think and encourage your students to do the same via their studentcentral dashboard Learning Analytics Dashboard.

Staff can feedback via this previous post to the blog:

Learning Analytics and Photo Registers feedback

It’s year two of the Learning Analytics Pilot and time to gather your thoughts and feedback. We are still trying to find out what the university wants from this project and there is now a senior management steering group meeting to discuss the university requirements.

Our steer has always been to develop a tool that supports our students and we are already gathering feedback from them. This is your chance to have some input into this project so please take the time to answer the four questions below.

ARCHIVE-Learning Analytics Staff Feedback

Learning Analytics Dashboard

Photo Registers


National Student Survey NSS and the Brighton Student Survey BSS Launch on 5th Feb

The National Student Survey (NSS)  and the Brighton Student Survey (BSS) launched on 5th February.

There are staff briefing notes available for the NSS  and for the BSS The NSS runs until the 30th April and  BSS runs until 5th March.

We know from experience that if staff are informed and can then introduce the survey, it is more likely that students will complete it and complete with the appropriate consideration. The key messages are that students should consider the whole of their university experience and to remember the positive as well as any points for improvement.

Students will receive a thank you for completing the surveys-  a £5.00 food voucher for the NSS and a Kit-Kat for the BSS. These are available from room 149 for students to collect or can be collected by staff to distribute.

For the NSS there are 13 final year students who are supporting the Business School- they have organised a Big Night In on Thurs 8th Feb 5pm-8pm in Mithras House Canteen  to encourage students to share their views and also showcase  positive developments  at BBS.

There are some PowerPoint slides to support the surveys NSS  and the BSS

Thank you

Lecture Capture using techsmith Relay has changed

What are the changes?

The recording process is the same but the location of your processed videos has changed to our
media streaming service.
The changes affect how you share your videos with your students because when the videos are
sent to mediastream they are private to just you so you can no longer just share the URL in the email

Details of how you now share your videos is avaiable here: PDF Guide

Wider availability of Photo Registers plus feature updates!

From the start of semester 2 there will be a new improved version of the photo registers and they will also be available across all undergratuate modules in the Business School.
Even if you are not new to the tool I recommend watching the video tool below for an over view of the tool.
New features are highlighted and include the ability to edit your registers and some interface enhancements.

Details of the Learning Analytic Project will also be useful to review.

How to use the Photo register

Overview Video

Photoregister for whole modules

Photoregister for Groups on a module

Card swipe use

Reporting tools

Admin tools – editing records


Supporting Students: Office Hours, Assessment Feedback and Exams


A reminder to let your students know when you are available during the week, many staff have added a notice on their office door or have included it on their module areas on studentcentral.

Assessment and feedback guidance

Feedback Guidelines

  • Based on criteria – that have been made available (marking grid or rubric) using % weightings (this is a requirement)
  • Non-judgemental language –  avoiding using words such as ‘fails’, ‘lacks’, etc – the mark gives the judgement
  • Developmental – tell the student how to develop, including appropriate resources

Last year Pete McCullen prepared some excellent guidance for writing exams. These notes, contain some really useful advice so I am taking the opportunity to distribute them earlier this academic year.

Please also remember if you have changed the exam format of your module (so that the examination this year does not match the format of the exam last year) or it is a new module then you must post a draft examination paper on your module page on studentcentral.

Assignment Feedback

Thank you for all the hard work of the module teams that already have marked and returned work to students – for level four modules if some students have failed they may be able to take advantage of  In Year Module Retrieval    please click on the link for further information.

As you know  coursework marks and feedback must be made available to students via Studentcentral within FOUR WEEKS (20 working days) of the submission date.

University Policy

There is also University Policy Blended Learning which gives information on e-submissions and feedback


The school is working towards improving students’ perception of the feedback they receive from assessed work and to standardise the grading schemes applied.

Feedback Process (see page 18 of  GEAR )

  • Based on criteria – that have been made available, including % weightings (this is a requirement)  BBS rubrics
  • Non-judgmental language –  avoiding using words such as ‘fails’, ‘lacks’, etc – the mark gives the judgement
  • Developmental – how to develop, including appropriate resources

Consider using the feed forward from designed by Sarah Cork

BBS Best Practice 

BBS Examples of Feedback

Undergraduate Grading Descriptors

Post Graduate Grading Descriptors

You can use the search function on the home page of the blog to search of other information – please let Julie Fowlie know if there is something you would like to have included.

You are invited to tech pedagogy event ‘Burning of the Apps 2017’

After a successful launch last year, the University of Brighton’s elearning team is excited to bring back ‘Burning of the Apps’ for, we hope, an even bigger event on Wednesday 20 December 2017.

The format will stay the same, but we hope this year to extend beyond just Falmer and include other campuses. For those who missed last year’s event, the focus is on best practice examples where technology is being used to support learning and teaching. This could include mobile apps, web applications, programming, devices, multimedia etc. We are looking for staff who would like to talk through their example or project in the form of a Q&A conducted by a member of the elearning team, discussing ways the technology has been utilised in teaching to enhance learning at the university.

The interviews will take place in front of a live studio audience and will again be live-streamed for a wider, online audience. Some of the topics covered last year include: using Nearpod in lectures for large cohorts; iPads for recording presentations; an adaptation of the ‘Oregon Trail’ video game for research design and features of the app. There are videos available of last year’s event on the event blog:

If you are interested in taking part and would like to pitch a topic for discussion, please indicate your availability on the following Doodle poll:

For those wishing to participate as an audience member, there will be plenty of activities and refreshments throughout the day at the Explore Studio in Checkland Building. Please come along and have a go at using some of the latest technologies available for use in HE and join us with a mince pie or two!

Research tells us that students who perform well in their first assessment are successful throughout their studies

Research tells us that students who perform well in their first assessment are successful throughout their studies.

Findings from a yearlong learning analytics study with students in Brighton Business school supports this statement so the eLearning team want to help schools ensure that first assessments for our level 4 students are a success and that the technology doesn’t form a barrier to our students. We will be running a number of events to help ensure that your modules are ready to go and that you have the correct resources available to support your students.

Drop in sessions will be offered giving you an opportunity to check your modules are “assessment-ready” and the right support is in place for your students.


Tuesday 31st October 10:30 – 11:30 6th Floor Cockcroft near the Kitchen

Tuesday 31st October 12:00 – 13:00 1st Floor Mithras computer/social zone

Wed 1st November 10:30 – 11:30 3rd Floor Cockcroft near the kitchen

For more information about the research please visit the elearning team blog:

Do not forget  we also have a BBS Development Example Module on studentcentral and you can use the search function on the BBS Quality Learning & Teaching Blog


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