This is a University wide pilot for students at level 4  = 16/17

It is an opportunity for students who are 1st year undergrads to retrieve failed work in selected module assessments, that have been identified by your School as participating modules in this pilot. In Year Module Retrieval offers the opportunity for you to retrieve a failed piece of assessed work without waiting for the end of year, when you would possibly be offered a referral.

Staff Facing University Pages supporting IYMR

Student Facing University Page supporting IYMR

We have a number of modules participating this year – HR173, EC161, LW161, ML101, ML195

In Year Module Retrieval  – 17/18

The pilot from last year is being extending to all modes of assessment including group work.

University deadline for retrieval work is midday on Thursday 29th March 2017, we can set earlier dates is again applicable.

 The IYMR logo will appear on the modules and a new submission point will be added (please see Donna if you wish to have a different submission date)

Module taking part this year are DB150, DB155, EC102, EC104, EC161, EC163, FA164, FN142, HR173, LW161, LW187, LW188, MA162, MK190, MK190, ML160, ML152, ML89, ML195