Due to extending the exam board schedule we need to move the date of the newly renamed Staff Development Conference to Weds 10th July.

The conference is building on the new vision for BBS:

We are renowned for making a real difference to people, practice, and society

We will be using the wonderful facilities of Mithras House (Chris and Max have promised to make the rooms attractive) and the multi storey car park should be open by then. We will follow the conference with a get together in the Bevy .

The agenda is broadening out to include more than just developments in Learning and Teaching this year.

Staff will be presented with the Annual Learning & Teaching and Professional Staff awards 2019.

We will also be welcoming members of SASM who will be service teaching Events and Tourism at BBS from next academic year.

The programme is being developed currently and as in prevous years we want to offer what you want. If you feel you would like to contribute a session please let me (Julie Fowlie) or Chris Matthews know.

Links to some new pages:

BBS Policies and Procedures Updates

Documenting Moderation on Submitted Work