A reminder to let your students know when you are available during the week, many staff have added a notice on their office door or have included it on their module areas on studentcentral.

Assessment and feedback guidance

Feedback Guidelines

  • Based on criteria – that have been made available (marking grid or rubric) using % weightings (this is a requirement)
  • Non-judgemental language –  avoiding using words such as ‘fails’, ‘lacks’, etc – the mark gives the judgement
  • Developmental – tell the student how to develop, including appropriate resources

Last year Pete McCullen prepared some excellent guidance for writing exams. These notes, contain some really useful advice so I am taking the opportunity to distribute them earlier this academic year.

Please also remember if you have changed the exam format of your module (so that the examination this year does not match the format of the exam last year) or it is a new module then you must post a draft examination paper on your module page on studentcentral.