Thank you for all the hard work of the module teams that already have marked and returned work to students – for level four modules if some students have failed they may be able to take advantage of  In Year Module Retrieval    please click on the link for further information.

As you know  coursework marks and feedback must be made available to students via Studentcentral within FOUR WEEKS (20 working days) of the submission date.

University Policy

There is also University Policy Blended Learning which gives information on e-submissions and feedback


The school is working towards improving students’ perception of the feedback they receive from assessed work and to standardise the grading schemes applied.

Feedback Process (see page 18 of  GEAR )

  • Based on criteria – that have been made available, including % weightings (this is a requirement)  BBS rubrics
  • Non-judgmental language –  avoiding using words such as ‘fails’, ‘lacks’, etc – the mark gives the judgement
  • Developmental – how to develop, including appropriate resources

Consider using the feed forward from designed by Sarah Cork

BBS Best Practice 

BBS Examples of Feedback

Undergraduate Grading Descriptors

Post Graduate Grading Descriptors

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